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[Hidden Menu]Add icon display to Instrument menu title etc.

[Hidden Menu]Add icon display to Instrument menu title etc.

Found a interesting setting in PIWIS2 engineering mode for instrument menu, can enable icons in menu title as blow:

How to: Set 'Icons in der Titelzeile sichtbar' in 'Kombiinstrument' to 'Ja' as this


Instrument cluster display Sport/Sport Plus:


In Rear BCM,Setting positons LED and Daytime running LED light up simultaneously:


In climate control module,setting Auto Start/Stop memory last status when start up:

Adapter-X Project

Adapter-X Project

MODE SWITCH on the steering wheel derived from the 918 Spyder,it's equipped in 991.2/718 and latest 971/9YA with Sport Chrono Package. Four driving modes are available to choose from: ‘Normal’, ‘SPORT’, ‘SPORT PLUS’ and ‘Individual’.

First generation gpsadapter can make latest MF PDK shifts steering wheel works in old Porsche,but can't support MODE SWITCH,because of 991.1/981/958 clock spring can't process the MODE WITCH signals from steering wheel.All the 12 PINs in steering wheel to clock spring connector used,so we need capture the MODE SWITCH in steering wheel and transfer to center console module adapter by wireless,Bluetooth used to do this.The challenge is integrate BT chips and process much more signals in limited space circuit board,must design all new circuit,and rewrite 80% of program code.

Adapter A installed in steering wheel,included convert MF/HEAT/LIGHT signals,capture and synchronize MODE SWITCH status to Adapter B.

Adapter B connected in series to Center control buttons module,processing center console buttons signals and memories the LAST-MODE.With this memory feature,you don't have to press same button over and over every time you start the car. Can support memory of S/S+/PSE.

MODE SWITCH support installation is Plug&Play,no coding needed.Fits to new MF PDK paddles steering steps same with 1st generation gpsadapter,parts and installation steps depend on what's type of old steering wheel type equipped.



991.1 GT3





Suspension Comfort


Sport ON

Suspension Sport ON

Suspension Sport


Sport Plus ON

S to S+: Suspension Sport + PDK Sport

i to S+:PSE + PDK Sport

Sport + Suspension Sport




Suspension Normal

Response Button

20 Seconds Sport Plus

20 Seconds PDK Sport

20 Seconds Sport


Adapter-X now in field testing,can ready to shipping in 08/October 2018.Details of adapter installation guide in this page https://gpsadapter.us/blogs/installation-guide/installation-guide