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Orders from 29th/Sep-6th/Oct will shipping out 7th/Oct. Please send us both old and new steering wheel photos to or message us before ordering, we can help confirm which adapter and parts are needed. Thank you!
Orders from 29th/Sep-6th/Oct will shipping out 7th/Oct. Please send us both old and new steering wheel photos to or message us before ordering, we can help confirm which adapter and parts are needed. Thank you!


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Steering wheel type information

How do I know what type of steering wheel I have?

Please send us old and new steering wheel photos to before ordering so we can help confirm which adapter and parts are needed.


  • Adapter-X adds mode switch control mechanisms.

The Adapter-X supports both Multifunction and MODE SWITCH retrofit, with a built-in Low-Power Bluetooth chipset and a program running on an STM8 Automobile level MCU controller. The program in the Adapter-X keeps the Mode Switch and center console buttons synchronized and maintains a Bluetooth communication heartbeat.

Adapter-B is set as the Slave mode, Adapter-A as the Master mode, and the Slave side Bluetooth MAC address is fixed in the Master side. When powered up, the Bluetooth connection is established in 3-4 seconds, and the mobile phone cannot find and connect to it. The Adapter-X is designed as an auxiliary control drive mode, providing more driving pleasure.

  • Adapter-X Mode Switch Support Model:
  1. Carrera 991.1  (2012-2016)
  2. Cayman 981.1 (2014-2016)
  3. Boxster 981     (2012-2016)
  4. Cayenne 958.1 (2011-2015)
  • MODE SWITCH Operation Chart:



991.1 GT3





Suspension Comfort


Sport ON

Suspension Sport ON

Suspension Sport


Sport Plus ON

S to S+: Suspension Sport + PDK Sport

i to S+:PSE + PDK Sport

Sport + Suspension Sport




Suspension Normal

Response Button

20 Seconds Sport Plus

20 Seconds PDK Sport

20 Seconds Sport


Adapter-X Project blog post

Installation and coding guide here

**An update to the 971 Panamera style new wheel requires the replacement of the whole wire harness of the new wheel, which ships with adapter kits for the 971 style steering wheel. The wire harness parts number is #95B-971-388-B, as shown in the photo below.

**The Adapter-X default includes multifunction fit to the new MF steering wheel.

**If the center console module buttons or mode switch do not respond, disconnecting the adapter-b input side to power off the adapter-b, then reconnecting it to restart the adapter-b, can resolve this problem.

We offer free shipping worldwide with DHL/Fedex's "EXPRESS WORLDWIDE" service and you will receive a tracking code when shipped

*Customers may need to pay their local import duties.

Is this too confusing? If it is, please email( or messenger us. Include a good photo of your old and favorite new steering wheel. We will be happy to help.


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
It's so easy....and it works!!! 991.1 (Sports to GT MF steering wheel (with mode dial conversion)

I was getting confused between re-coding my Porsche and the simple 'adapter' kits. After several emails and the patience of Jobe, Paul gave me the confidence to do it and it was so, so easy. Took me 20 mins and it all worked 1st time, multi mode wheel and all. You have to do a bit of research (YouTube) on how to remove the centre dash but it takes minutes. Highly recommend the kits (and do get the multi-mode steering wheel, it's amazing. However, DO check with Paul which steering wheel to get as certain later 992 wheels have different centre mounts. You'll also need a T55 torx bit (6 or 12 spline) to remove the steering wheel nut.

Daniel Kellermann
Great Product, absolutely Satisfied, best service

I am more than satisfied about the great product and the excellent service deserves special mention.
Paul was always available to me and helped me a lot. The adapter is great, works amazing and absolutely worth the money. I would buy again at any time.

Great product, horrible manual

Propably the best product in the market for such application. Strongly recommend! Worth the price.
But the installation manual is terrible. If it were correctly written the installation would be 3x easier and faster. I don't understand - the product seems so high quality, but the manual is like written for a 10$ device.

Dale Hanson
Great update

Adapter X works great. 991.2 wheel is what my 991.1 needed. Sport /Sport Plus control knob is awesome.

Great value and simple to install

I successfully managed to switch from my 981C SD+PDK Steeringwheel to a 991.2 SportChrono MF+PDK within 2hours (and no, i'm not a specialist at all!)

- Procurement: Package arrived within 72hours, through DHL Express. Thanks a lot Paul!

- Support: Paul had been of an incredible great support before, and during the installation (Yes I incorrectly pluggued-in the wrong pins to the clockspring (heating and light) and Paul just gave me the proper hints to fix this, kudos!)

- Final: Incredible look and feel, with lots of features I just cant live without now (The controller is something great to have, and the Mulitfunctions buttongs with light, as well!)

I cant recommend more!

Customer Reviews

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