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Please send us old and new steering wheel photo before ordering,we can help confirm which adapter and parts needed.

Free shipping worldwide with DHL "EXPRESS WORLDWIDE" service,you will receive a tracking code when shipping.Delivered within 3-5 working days.

STMV1/STMV1-H can’t support MODE SWITCH knob change drive mode,if need MODE SWITCH support please select Adapter-X kits

If new steering wheel is 971 panamera style,please select STMV1-971 adapter.

Support Vehicle Model:

Carrera-911*  (2005-2016)

Cayman         (2009-2016)

Boxster          (2009-2016)

Cayenne        (2011-2015)

Panamera      (2010-2016)

*Adapter fit Carrera 997.1 need upgrade the steering column module to 997.2(997.613.289.01),without steering heating support ;

*997.2 manual add multifunction need replace steering control module to 997.613.289.01/997.613.299.01(Heating support) and coding.

*Original with sport style steering wheel car upgrade multifunction steering wheel,need coding the vehicle steering control module from sport style wheel to multifunction,input "Multifunction enable code" activate MF by PIWIS. (If original equipped sport design steering wheel (With PDK shifts paddles version) and sport chrono package,no multifunction enable code needed).

*Steering wheel heating need steering control module(including clock spring) and wheel support heating function.If need upgrade none heating wheel to heated,please replace clock spring with heating support,PIWIS activate heating function needed.

Adapter Installation and coding guide here

*Customers may need to pay their local import fees.

Is this too confusing? If it is, please email or messenger us. Include a good photo of your steering wheel, as well as your VIN number. We will be happy to help.

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