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Please send us old and new steering wheel photo to or messages us before ordering, we can help confirm which adapter and parts needed, thanks!
Please send us old and new steering wheel photo to or messages us before ordering, we can help confirm which adapter and parts needed, thanks!
Upgrade sport design steering wheel to multifunction coding guide

Upgrade sport design steering wheel to multifunction coding guide

Porsche 991.1/981/970 original equipped Sport Design Steering Wheel(With PDK shifts paddles version) and with Sport Chrono Package, upgrade to multifunction, no "Multifunction enable code" needed,in instrument display no ◊ button setting menu.

Have a simple way to add ◊ button setting menu in instrument display, PIWIS in development mode to enable Joker key, under (Manuelle Codierung ohne MCR Regeln):

If need keep 991/981 ‘Paddle Neutral’ function-'pull both paddle shifters simultaneously PDK shifts to neutral',please keep Vehicle configuration data steering wheel type with Sport Design steering wheel,change steering wheel type to multifunction will lost ‘Paddle Neutral’ function.

991.1/981/958.1/970 old steering wheel is sport design WITHOUT sport sport chrono packageupgrade to multifunction steering wheel,need PIWIS coding the vehicle steering wheel type to multifunction,input"Multifunction enable code" and coding by PIWIS to activate multifunction. 

If equipped steering wheel is basic style(only with PDK buttons) OR control module parts number is 7PP.953.568.AR, must replace to multifunction support steering control module hardware(Parts number#958.652.568.14) and coding.

997.2/987.2 is manual without multifunction,need replace steering control module to multifunction support hardware and PIWIS coding set multifunction to installed. If 997.2/987.2 is PDK version,upgrade to MF steering wheel only need perform this step: select to "steering col.switch" unit and read and erase all fault memories,Then switch to "codings" and set "Multi-function or Sport/Launch display" and “PDK” both options as "installed"

Following coding guide for (991.1/981/958/970)

1.Connect PIWIS,Press F7 or select "Add Menu".

2.Select "Maintentance of vehicle data".

3.1 Uncheck old none multifunction steering wheel,Select new MF steering wheel installed.(991.1/981),if new steering wheel with heating,please select ‘345-Steering Wheel Heating’ as installed.

3.2 Select new MF installed.(970 Panamera/958.1 Cayenne)

4.Press F8 to save.

5.In the overview page Ctrl+A select all ECUs.

6.Select "Coding adaptations" run "Automatic coding".

7.Select "Steering-Wheel Electronic",enter "Maintenance repairs" select "Function enable"

8.Input the enable code you get and save.

9.Clear all faults code,IGNITION OFF the car,ignition on and enjoy new MF wheel.

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Orlando Vargas - November 17, 2022

How do you active jokerkey using piwis3

Stefan Eisenacher - November 17, 2022

Ich bin sehr enttäuscht von eurem Adapter
Er funktioniert nicht

Ich habe diesen Adapter mit dem Chrono Knopf am Lenkrad und Adapter A und B verbaut

Es wurde bei meinem Porsche 991.1 ( Chrono und Sportlenkrad ) von einem Fachmann auf Multifunkitions Lenkrad umgestellt

Bitte um Hilfe was stimmt hier nicht?
Ist der Adapter defekt oder hab ich das falsche Lenkrad Modul gekauft ?

Adapter 95B-959-256F

Tasten sind die abgebildeten
Es geht weder eine Taste noch brennt eine Lampe nur

Bitte um Hilfe

Pablo Simone - July 10, 2022

Paul need some help with the swap.
Where do I get the code from. Also, when I put the Piwis 2 code I get a message that coding was not successful.


Piero Terio - March 11, 2022

Hi Paul, for step #8 where do I get the enable code from ?


Thomas Schneider - June 3, 2020

will install a steering whell from a 991.1 in my boxster 987 my 06 .
Which parts are needed ?
Please send me a note.

Ernst Brunner - May 17, 2020

Hi, I’ve installed your adapter STMV1-H and the MF steering wheel with heating. I also swapped the clock spring unit. I now tried to activate these functions but I don’t have the coding for it. From where may I get the code to enable these functions?

Thank you for your assistance on this.

Best regards


Michael Bisfelt - May 6, 2020


I’m seeking guidance on what exactly to order to upgrade my steering wheel (got wheel and airbag) and I’ve been through the videos an installation / coding I should be on top off.

Car is Carrera 911 4S – 991.1

Existing wheel is: Sport, paddles, no MF and not heated.

New is: Sport, paddles, with MF, not heated

What parts should I order to make the conversion ?

Thx in advance

Jochen Hendriks - October 16, 2019

i drive a Boxster 981 with MF-steering Wheel not heated. i want to Change it with a steering Wheel with 5 Buttons on every side. is there a difference between 3 Buttons and 5buttons with your Adapter?
Thank for your answers.
Kind regards
jochen Hendriks

Richard - May 24, 2018

In step 8 it says “Input the enable code you get and save.”
Where do you get the code to input?

Max Lohman - April 22, 2018

How do you activate a 991.2 MF wheel on a non-MF equipped 997.2? I have installed your adapter and installed the wheel and airbag. You don’t have any instructions for programming the MF wheel for a 997.2.

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