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997.1/987.1 upgrade to multifunction PDK shift peddles steering wheel coding guide

997.1/987.1 upgrade to multifunction PDK shift peddles steering wheel coding guide

997.1 replace steering control module hardware to 997.2 reference https://youtu.be/67-anTNxy9c 


997.1 upgrade to 997.2 steering wheel control module (997.613.289.01 or 997.613.299.01) need coding with PIWIS following this step:

1. Select F7 "Additional Menu" and do a "vehicle handover". 


2. The "vehicle handover" runs automatically. When prompted if the car is new, select "no" and then confirm your chassis number (VIN). The "vehicle handover" is needed for recognizing your new steering wheel unit, so that all other control modules are able to communicate with it. 

 *If vehicle handover can't sucess,disconnect vehicle battery wait 5-10 minutes reconnect,try do vehicle handover in PIWIS again. 

3. Select to "steering col. switch" unit and read and erase all fault memories. Then switch to "codings" and set "Automatic (Tiptronic/PDK)" and "PDK" (both!) to "installed". Also set "Multi-function or Sport/Launch display" and all your other values to "installed" if the car is equipped with them (for example speed control system)


4. Then select "PSM" unit and read and erase all fault memories. After that read your security code (The security code is read with the PIWIS2
under menu item "Actual values"
) and do a steering-wheel-sensor-calibration (security code is needed here). (some cars need this calibration clear PSM faults)


5. At last: Erase all fault memories and then have fun while driving a Tiptronic car with PDK-Paddles


Oct 15, 2019 • Posted by Sam Cherro

I have 2005 911 997 manual steering wheel with no steering multi function buttons , i decided to upgrade my steering wheel triangle air bag to sport one with pdk steering wheel my car is manual transmission , after installation the horn stop working i reinstall the old steering wheel with the air bag horn iis working , i like to upgrade and install the new steering wheel i bought 997.2

Mar 08, 2019 • Posted by Sital Chauhan

Hi, sorry I am getting quite confused and was looking for some advice before purchasing a new steering wheel and one of your adapters. I currently have a 2006 Porsche 997 with the non-multifunction steering wheel and it is manual (NOT PDK) and doesn’t have Sports Chrono. The wheels is the same as in this image (https://bit.ly/2VNBzXX). I have already fitted myself a Kenwood DMX-7017DABS headunit with the Connects2 CTSPO005.2. The connects2 system has support for multifunctional steering wheel but at the moment I do not have those cables connected to anything as my wheel doesn’t have multifunction. I wish to upgrade to one of the newer style Porsche steering wheels and have the multifunctional buttons working with my stereo (I have a manual so no need for PDK adapter or paddles etc). I understand I will have to also get a newer steering wheel module as I have a 997.1? Do you sell an interface cable that will allow me to achieve what I want? Also, which steering wheels would work for my situation? Many thanks for any help, Sital

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