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2014 Panamera upgrade 971 steering wheel

2014 Panamera upgrade 971 steering wheel

New airbag finally arrived,special interior color leather airbag waiting for 4+ months.

Original steering wheel.

Schematic diagram of upgrade adapter

Adapter connection diagram

Package of adapter kit

Adapter installation guide

New wheel

Only panamera have marsala red leather interior color,i'am waiting for 971 realeased and purchase 971 wheel and airbag at Feb/2017.

Panamera 971 wheel have different plug type,horn and PDK peddles translate to LIN BUS data connect to clock Spring socket.Retrofit 971 wheel to 970 need replace wire harness in new wheel.

Why develop this adapter?

Why develop this adapter?

    New generation of steering wheel design inspiration from the Porsche 918 Spyder steering wheel.The new steering wheel with modular design, can achieve personalized requirement.

Which style do you like?


    New wheel connect to steering control module base LIN BUS 2.0 protocol,it's different with old wheel.Direct install new wheel to old car multifunction and key light&heating can't work.So we development this adapter to fits this upgrade.

First is analyze old steering wheel with car communication raw data,compare with new steering wheel communication data protocol and data bits.

 Based on the previous analysis works,design and implement the circuit,find the original sockets and plug,connect one to one,it's easy to install.

We chose STM8AF automotive MCU processing LIN BUS protocol data and PWM signals convert.

We conducted six-month real vehicle test and optimization.When environment temperature is 27℃,hottest chip in circuit is LIN BUS transceiver at 39.3℃.

My 2014 Panamera is first user :)

Blow photo is prototype of adapter.

June 1, 2017 We released the first stable version.We are still working on circuits and program optimization.

New case and circuit will be shipped in early July.

 We are continue working with support MODE SWITCH synchronize with center console in 911.Thank you for your trust and support.