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Steering wheel heating upgrade

Steering wheel heating upgrade

Once you've enjoyed a nice, warm steering wheel on a freezing day, you don't want to go back to clutching anything that isn't heated.

Our adapter support latest steering wheel heating upgrade and fit,warm up to 39-40ºC in 2 minutes and keeps.

Fits new steering heating function need replace resistor in heating switch circuit board,this resistor very tiny,need right soldering tool do this job.If you have some soldering experience,not so hard.

Since 16/Apr/2018,we ship modified resistor heat switch with heating supported adapter kits(STMV1-H),just replace original switch of new steering wheel,no soldering works needed anym.

Naturally, even if your Porsche doesn't have a steering-wheel heater to warm your hands, you can upgrade to heating steering wheel by adapter,new clock spring with heating and heating active code needed. Details about add steering wheel heating https://gpsadapter.us/blogs/installation-guide/add-heating-and-multifunction

If you are interested in this or have any questions, feel free contact us.

Optimized adapter circuit board and software released

Optimized adapter circuit board and software released

REV C Adapter Highlights:

  • Optimized adapter circuit board and component;
  • New enclosure and package box,more safe;
  • software updated support new wheel with "Mode Switch" dial's LED indicator "Normal S S+" status;
  • Improved scroll button page up down response events in Jukebox musics lists screen,easy access page up and down;

180 degree socket,save space.

Circuit board completed SMD and accelerated aging test.

Adapter kits with new package box.

Enjoy new look and feeling,didn't missing any functions.

2014 Panamera upgrade 971 steering wheel

2014 Panamera upgrade 971 steering wheel

New airbag finally arrived,special interior color leather airbag waiting for 4+ months.

Original steering wheel.

Schematic diagram of upgrade adapter

Adapter connection diagram

Package of adapter kit

Adapter installation guide

New wheel

Only panamera have marsala red leather interior color,i'am waiting for 971 realeased and purchase 971 wheel and airbag at Feb/2017.

Panamera 971 wheel have different plug type,horn and PDK peddles translate to LIN BUS data connect to clock Spring socket.Retrofit 971 wheel to 970 need replace wire harness in new wheel.