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Upgrade sport design steering wheel to multifunction coding guide

Upgrade sport design steering wheel to multifunction coding guide

991.1/981/958/970 upgrade to multifunction steering wheel,need change the vehicle steering wheel type to multifunction,input"Multifunction enable code" and codingby PIWIS to activate multifunction.

Porsche original equipped Sport Design Steering Wheel(With PDK shifts paddles version) and with Sport Chrono Package,upgrade to multifunction,no "Multifunction enable code" needed,skip step 7-8 input enable code step.Coding the car to enable the ◊ button function assignment menu in instrument display,sport design steering wheel equipped car without this setting menu.

If need keep 991/981 ‘Paddle Neutral’ function-'pull both paddle shifters simultaneously PDK shifts to neutral',please keep Vehicle configuration data steering wheel type with Sport Design steering wheel,change steering wheel type to multifunction will lost ‘Paddle Neutral’ function.

997.2/987.2 Upgrade to MF steering wheel just need perform this step: select to "steering col.switch" unit and read and erase all fault memories,Then switch to "codings" and set "Multi-function or Sport/Launch display" as "installed"

Following coding guide for (991.1/981/958/970)

1.Connect PIWIS,Press F7 or select "Add Menu".

2.Select "Maintentance of vehicle data".

3.1 Uncheck old none multifunction steering wheel,Select new MF steering wheel installed.(991.1/981),if new steering wheel with heating,please select ‘345-Steering Wheel Heating’ as installed.

3.2 Select new MF installed.(970 Panamera/958.1 Cayenne)

4.Press F8 to save.

5.In the overview page Ctrl+A select all ECUs.

6.Select "Coding adaptations" run "Automatic coding".

7.Select "Steering-Wheel Electronic",enter "Maintenance repairs" select "Function enable"

8.Input the enable code you get and save.

9.Clear all faults code,IGNITION OFF the car,ignition on and enjoy new MF wheel.